Welcome to SINE

by William Butcher, London.


Hello SINE Community,

The Social Innovation Network is an emerging learning community on social innovation and sustainability.  Here are some of the various opportunities you will have from engaging with us:

Increase and diversify your network: Meet new people, entrepreneurs and experts from a wide range of different industries and research areas, all converging to generate a positive social and environmental impact. Collaborate with businesses, startups, public sector and community groups all around the world.

Develop new skills: Learn new professional skills through a wide range of hands-on workshops, team projects, and real-life scenario sessions. Learn how to foster social innovation and sustainability and WHY it is so important for us and future generations.

Get ready for your career: Work with like-minded people from other backgrounds to develop crucial communication and collaboration skills. Make your entrepreneurial idea stand out to potential employers and improve your professional opportunities.

Understand our challenges: Put your degree into a wider global context, to better understand our most pressing problems, and get help to start finding relevant, innovative and impactful solutions.

Improve your CV: Whether it’s working in small project teams or collaborating with experts from other disciplines, the SINE Programme gives you the experience to stand out to future employers, by developing your entrepreneurial idea or helping others achieve theirs.

We develop strategy at a global level: Create, test & scale innovative programmes with high impact potential, focusing on ideas and solutions that create real social value.

Research: We produce actionable and communicable knowledge to make sense of the present and anticipate the future.

Guidance: We accompany you through the process of making ideas happen by designing internal processes, workshops, training sessions and critical relationships.

Inspiration: We give talks and conferences to expand your view of what is possible in an ever-changing world.


SINE Selections

NY Times >> Tyranny of Convenience (opinion)

BBC News >> Smart Citizen (framework for environmental and social innovation). If you would like to know more about the Smart Citizen Community, please message us here.

Innovation Process  >> Here is a diagram created by our mentor and SINE co-founder Juan Marambio Morel explaining a process through which your business idea potentially will go through before flourishing into an actual business:

Source: Juan Marambio Morel, 2018.

Source: Juan Marambio Morel, 2018.

Meet Inspiring Entrepreneurs >>

Jules Coignard (France) >> via Circul-r 

Gabriele Garcia (Brazil) >> via Think Twice Brasil

Wangui Kamonji (Kenya) >> via Global Environment Network


Fast Forward 2030 >> FF2030 was launched in 2015 by Professor Dame Henrietta Moore, Director of University College London’s Institute for Global Prosperity, and Arthur Kay, Chief Executive of bio-bean. Comprised of some young London-based innovators, it reaches out to the next generation of leaders who by 2030 will be the shapers of institutions, directors of businesses, producers of knowledge and inventors of technology, striving to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Find out more here.

Arthur Kay >> via Bio Bean

Solveiga Pakštaitė >> via Mimica Touch

Richard Ballard >> via Growing Underground

Hermione Taylor >> via Do Nation


Keep in touch

We want to work with as large a part of the SINE as we can: 


All the best.

William Butcher

Community Manager

The Social Innovation Network