about us

We are a social enterprise focused on systemic impact.

Since 2014, developing projects in several countries and regions: the UK, United States, Europe, and Hong Kong; with HD in Curitiba, Brazil. Our multidisciplinary team is distributed worldwide, and works through the direct execution of our own projects, strategic consulting and training with partners from the three sectors of the society, aligned with our purpose and values.


With the support of SINE - The Social Innovation Network for Entrepreneurs, created in London, we are willing to support governments, businesses, and communities efforts to put forward social inclusion and climate change, challenge assumptions about the context and find out interventions towards meaningful impact for both citizens and immigrants. 

areas of expertise

The company is at the forefront of projects in the area of innovative education (learning by doing, peer learning experiences - online and offline education), sustainability and civic technologies, as well as providing advice for societal development.

business units

In expansion, AGS has two business units, which operate in a complementary and fluid way:

AGS Impact (Achieving Global Social Impact)

Consulting and development of disruptive projects of innovation and social development with non-profit organizations, academy and government.

Flowie (Impact Experiences)

Leadership development program through experiential learning, immersion in self-knowledge, future skills, and knowledge of impact ecosystems via Flow in.

Facilitation of the connection between business from private enterprise with the positive impact ecosystem, to a new level of business awareness via Flow B.


Our values

  • Empathy

  • Excellence

  • Autonomy

  • Accountability

  • Learning & Teaching

We always keep in mind it feels better when solutions are distributed, open source, and shared with a range of socially diverse people.



For further information, please contact us here.